Railings & Decking

Look to North Country Distributors for the latest in low maintenance decking and railing systems

Why spend your precious summer weekends sanding and staining your deck. Our state of the art ultra low maintenance decking gives you back those valuable weekends and puts your mind at ease. No more worrying about staining, fading or scratching, our decking holds up. From the new enhanced wood grain options to the look of tropical hardwoods our selection has something for everyone.

Forget about sanding and staining that railing and spindles, our permanent railing offers solutions to make you home look beautiful.

Low maintenance aluminum railings systems are built to give years of carefree enjoyment. The materials combination of aluminum and super durable powder coating result in a high strength, durable, corrosion resistant railing system that meets your expectations for years to come. Combine low maintenance tempered glass panels and aluminum posts and homeowners can enjoy an unobstructed view from the comfort of their outside deck.

North Country also offers composite railing options in many different colors and styles to compliment or accent any decking choice.

There are many designs and styles to choose from to compliment your homes exterior – ask us for more details.

Excell Railing colors below
A medium to high-gloss white
Satin Black
A medium-gloss black
A medium high-gloss beige
Oyster Grey
A medium high-gloss neutral color
A medium high-gloss darker beige
A dark warm green
Light Grey
A medium gloss pale grey
Rideau Brown
Matches commercial aluminum storefront windows and doors.
Did You Know…
Our aluminum railings, posts and components are fabricated with high-grade extruded aluminum. Aluminum is up to 40 times stronger than wood. Ounce for ounce, aluminum is one of the strongest, most stable materials that exist for the North American climate. Since aluminum does not absorb moisture, it will not rust, chip, shrink, or crack making it the best value obtainable today.